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Nice Media Television Fund


What is the

Nice Media Television Fund?

Nice Media Television Fund LLC is a senior-secured investment vehicle, for investment into the lucrative global premium television marketplace at the highest level.  We have a profound development pipeline, finance, production and operational capability.  Tier 1 productions without studio level cost structures.  Our company has access to A-list talent, writers and show-runners – which helps us secure distribution, and our team (led by Sam Sokolow who has a history of delivering successful productions) has unfettered access to every decision maker in the industry. 

Investment Highlights

  • Senior Secured

    Investment Breakdown

    The Nice Media Television Fund is a $35M fund with a minimum investment amount of $1M. Over the life of the fund we expect $2.08B in cumulative revenue and $677M in cumulative earnings.

  • Our Timeline

    Fund Maturity & Life

    Our fund has a maturity timeline of 6 years, with repayments in 2021-2023, and a total fund life of 8 years for the equity element.

  • Investor

    Equity, IRR and Dividends

    Our fund has a 49% Investor Equity Element with a 10% interest rate (2018-2023 payments). In addition we have a 37% IRR plus 2026 terminal value.

Takes actual ownership of certain assets as collateral

Assets the Fund advances against include: Territorial distribution rights (with advance sales commitments/estimates), production tax credits, and residual rights to library of series/episodes and all rights to series in development.

Asset values are greatly enhanced for series with multiple seasons and brand recognitions, and with multiple channels for delivery and monetization.

These assets have been proven in past transactions (including Cameron Thomson involvement) to have value as security in lending situations.

Significant “coverage” built into all investments with 70% lending margins.

These assets can generate equity-level returns

Actual ownershipship of distribution rights means any box office performance exceeding advance sales commitments/estimates flows to the Fund’s profits. In addition to interest and the 30% discount to the advance sales commitments/estimates built into the amount advanced, this generates an equity-level return.

Fund’s financial model assumes statistics-based range of production results across its diverse portfolio. Ranges from recoupment of funds advanced, to some productions with good profits, and a few with large profits (in which the Fund fully participates).

Production tax credits upside is limited, but are very low risk, Sovereign Credit. This element of financial engineering adds value to the Fund’s offering to producers.

Risk Mitigation

Significant ‘coverage’ is built into all investments (1.43x coverage based on 70% lending margins). Projected values are conservatively discounted to counter potential underperformance.

Senior Debt Investment

Investments will be in a senior position, ahead of all equity investment.

Highly Selective Underwriting

Many productions will be rejected as they will not meet the investment/eligibility criteria that have been established.

Limited Leverage

Limited leverage will be employed to enhance returns, but only against contracted receivables.


We are happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you might have.

Risk Disclosure

All investing involves risk including the possible loss of principal.  There can be no assurance the Fund will achieve its investment objectives.  Foreign investments may be subject to additional risks, which include international trade, currency, political, regulatory and diplomatic risks, which may affect their value.  Given the complexity of the investments and strategies of the Fund, our management team relies heavily on quantitative models and data supplied by third parties. Models and Data may prove to be incorrect or incomplete and expose the Fund to potential risks.  Please request the prospectus for a complete discussion of the Fund’s risks.